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batman hush kindle edition

Batman: The Complete Hush - Kindle Edition

Front and center in Hush is the incredible Jim Lee art. Watch the Bat tangle with his classic foes and join up with familiar allies. For more on what I think of this story arc check out my review .

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watchmen kindle edition

Watchmen - Kindle Edition

One of the most highly regarded graphic novels of all time, Watchmen shocks with its realistic take on super-heroes as Alan Moore deconstructs the genre. Find out more in my review .

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batman year one kindle edition

Batman: Year One - Kindle Edition

Miller did a lot of great work, still does, not to take away from the others, but in my opinion, Batman Year One is the best. Miller achieves perfect pacing and suspense in this tale about Batman's famous origin. The noir art only adds to the incredible atmosphere of this tale. Truly one of the best ever; read more about it in my review .

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100 sexiest women in comics kindle edition

100 Sexiest Women in Comics (Comics Buyer's Guide) - Kindle Edition

You'll note that all across Comics Recommended I have lifted some "babeshot" panels. Here's a whole book of that for your viewing pleasure.

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batman the dark knight returns kindle edition

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Kindle Edition

Batman is old and Bruce Wayne is trying to forget all about him. But the world is in a worst state than it has ever been. Even Superman is not who he used to be. The odds are against him in this grim setting - nonetheless, the Dark Knight Returns. Read more in my review .

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green lantern blackest night kindle edition

Blackest Night: Green Lantern - Kindle Edition

This is the DC event that brings dead DC heroes and villains back to life. More heroes and villains all gorgeously rendered. Take a trip back to the old DC Universe!

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identity crisis kindle edition

Identity Crisis - Kindle Edition

Dark, gritty, and controversial. This is DC done in the Marvel manner. Join the Justice League in one of its most trying moments. Read my review .

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sandman preludes and nocturnes kindle edition

The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes (New Edition) - Kindle Edition

In the opinion of many, Neil Gaiman's Sandman is the best comic ever. Judged from the first issue alone I'm totally sold on this comic. But there's more, like Sandman's unforgettable journey to Hell and the introduction of his sister, Death. Read my review .

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fables legends in exile kindle edition

Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile - Kindle Edition

Willingham started it all with Legends in Exile as the Fairy Tales become real. Bawdy, serious, engaging, funny. The entire Fables run is amazing. Here is were it begins. Read my review .

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