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Witchblade 1

witchblade 1 cover

Great weapons choose their wielder

Check out Michael Turner early in his career. I noticed a bit of rigidness in the action scenes but this is more than made up by the truly beautiful female face shots - the only other artist I know who does it better is Jim Lee.

I remember being so disappointed by Yancy Butler's portrayal of Witchblade on tv because Yancy was going around wearing a jacket. I keep thinking back on Pezzini's character in the comics being always half naked and extremely sexy.

In this first issue, it is revealed the the Witchblade chooses its wearer. An aspect of the weapon that it shares with such legendary objects as Excalibur, who refused to be drawn from the stone by any other than Arthur or Mjolnir, Marvel's Mjolnir, who can only be lifted by the Thor or any other worthy.

Pick this up and see the beginning of one of he more enduring Image legends, the others being Spawn and the Savage Dragon.

Witchblade 2

witchblade 2 cover

The Witchblade chose her, but will Sara choose the Witchblade?

Sara will need a villain to define her as the Witchblade, and in this issue a villain comes forward. The villain's name is Nottingham and I like the detail about him agreeing to work for both money and access to his employers extensive laser disc collection. For those of you not familiar with laser discs, they're as big as vinyl records and they were the precursor of DVDs.

Anyway, this guy is a major badass who jumps on a car with a sword, nearly slashes it in two and kills the guy inside - and that's before he undergoes some kind of supernatural transformation to make him stronger.

Also this issue, we find out that Sara was in love with her cop partner Michael Yee who died in the first issue.

The story is mostly about Sara trying to come to terms with wielding the Witchblade. No Witchblade backstory yet, so its all still deliciously mysterious.

witchblade origins tpb
Witchblade Origins Volume 1: Genesis (v. 1)

Collects issues 1 to 8

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