X-Men Profiles

Classic X-Men

Professor X

The most powerful mutant mind on Earth.

Can project mind blasts of varying intensity; can 'freeze' other minds; power can be projected over a large geographical area; is able to communicate with others through telepathy.

Marvel Girl

During the early days, Jean Grey's telekinetic ability was limited to lifting herself and other similarly sized objects.  Jean Grey is also a telepath like the Professor.


From the start, Cyclops already possessed fearsome destructive power through his optic blasts; but too much power expenditure can cause him to collapse in exhaustion. Cyclops is able to vary the intensity of his blasts and he is accurate enough to do pinpoint repairs using his power. The red optic blasts are made of pure force and generate no heat.

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The Beast

Hank McCoy possessed superhuman strength, dexterity and agility. He is able to climb walls like Spider-Man. He is also the intellectual powerhouse of the X-Men, being a genius with applied sciences.

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The Angel is the go-to X-Man for any reconnaissance mission. Able to fly, the Angel is also effective for rescue and extraction efforts. His fighting style relies on his incredible aerial maneuverability.


When Bobby Drake first joined the X-Men he looked more like a snowman than an iceman; but he soon changed into his icelike form. Bobby is able to create any number of weapons or equipment with his ice creation capabilities; in addition to the more direct approach of freezing his opponents.

Claremont-Byrne X-Men


Cyclops is now the leader of the New X-Men. His optic blasts as deadly and powerful as ever. He is no longer plagued by his initial problems with exhaustion. Additionally, Cyclops is displaying an innate ability to think about targets geometrically, allowing him to hit multiple targets at once with one optic blast.


Jean Grey has gone from the modestly powered telekinetic/telepath Phoenix to the most powerful member of this new generation of X-Men. Still possessing the classic abilities but now to a much greater power-level. At full power, Phoenix is a cosmic level force.


Experiments he did to himself has changed Hank McCoy into the blue Beast. Although less human looking, this Beast is more powerful than the Hank McCoy of the classic X-Men. Able to lift two thousand pounds and with even greater agility and dexterity and more advanced healing capabilities. During this time, the Beast became an Avenger but still shared occassional adventures with the X-Men.


Warren Worthington III has inherited one of the biggest private fortunes in America. He lives a spoiled life and it shows. The "red" Angel has lost his Danger Room-honed skills at this point, and is working to get back to fighting form.


Storm can control the weather in her immediate area. Preferred methods are the summoning of winds and gales. Most powerful attack is the lightning strike. Strong-willed and level headed, Storm inherits the mantle of team leader when Cyclops leaves.


Focus is on the unbreakable adamantium skeleton, the feral savagery and, of course, those claws. Wolverine was to be the leader of Canadian team Alpha Flight before he defected to the X-Men. His remarkable healing powers are not yet highlighted at this point. Case in point, Wolverine is blasted by a Sentinel leaving only his skeleton - he is considered dead. Lately, the villain Nitro exploded in front of Wolverine also reducing him to a skeleton but Wolverine managed to regenerate right in front of Nitro.


Agile and dexterous, Nightcrawler also has a prehensile tale. He can teleport over short distances and can turn virtually invisible in shadow.


Made of organic steel, Colossus is tough but not invincible - the Hulk managed to damage his armored form in World War Hulk. He is young during this time and able to lift 85 tons - stronger than Power Man and slightly weaker than the Thing.


Banshee was a foe of the classic X-Men. He is able to fly by using his sonic scream which is also a devastating force weapon. Banshee loses his powers at this time due to a battle with Moses Magnum.


Kitty Pryde, the future Shadowcat, was first referred to as Sprite when she joined the X-Men. Still untrained, Kitty is still getting used to, and very greatly enjoying, her phasing powers. This ability allows her to go through inorganic and organic matter.


Polaris is a magnetic mutant just like the more famous Magneto but her powers are not nearly as strong as the Master of Magnetism's.


The brother of Cyclops is a storage battery for Cosmic energy which can be used to project devastating force blasts.

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