Posted - November 26, 2017

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All-Star Squadron No. 9
Should Old Acquaintance Be Destroyed

All-Star Squadron No. 1

The All-Stars celebrate New Year's at the White House.

new year at white house

We rejoin Steel's recollection of the time when he was tasked with a mission to kidnap Adolf Hitler. Steel has two commandos with him, one of them says something very prophetic.

steel talking to a commando

He's unfortunately right, of course. After the war Poland would become part of the U.S.S.R.

The three infiltrators are found out but they fight back.

steel and allies under nazi attack

The men could be handled but it was the dogs that turned the tide against the Allies.

steel attacked by dogs

How Commander Steel can be conked out by a blow to the skull I have no idea.

steel hit in the head

Steel wakes up to find himself in a concentration camp.

steel in a concentration camp

It's horrifying

the horrors of a concentration camp

Steel goes into action to save the two commandos that were with him.

steel tries to escape

Unfortunately . . .

steel is runover by a military vehicle

Steel is put in restraints but he escapes. He reveals that without his costume he is not bulletproof. During his escape, Steel picks up a bottle of acid. He goes down and drops the bottle. It is picked up by one of the inmates. And this poor tortured soul takes his opportunity for revenge.

revenge of a concentration camp inmate

He is shot but so what? It's a free pass out of hell plus he got his revenge.

After that, Steel remembers Hitler then he passes out and remembers nothing else. There are still some very big blanks in the history of Commander Steel.

It is Baron Blitzkrieg who remembers the rest of the history.

steel attacks hitler

Steel lunges for Hitler but is knocked out. Steel could have ended the war right there.

Bliztkrieg reveals that he was the Commandant of the camp, the one who had acid thrown on his face.

the identity of Baron Blitzkrieg

Steel is brainwashed and given a mental 'trigger'.

A mental trigger is planted in steel

From up close the Baron looks like Iron Man.

At midnight on New Year's Eve Steel receives a call from the 'phone company'. Uh-oh.

steel answering a phone call

Here goes . . .

steel attacks johnny quick

Johnny Quick goes down.

Let's see, since the beginning of the series we've had Robotman vs. Solomon Grundy, Robotman vs. Kung as a rhino. Now it's Robotman vs. Commander Steel!

steel vs. robotman

Baron Blitzkrieg is somehow chanelling his own power into Steel.

baron blitzkrieg channels his power

Firebrand's attack reminds the Baron of the acid thrown on his face. He loses control and just like that Steel is free.

Everybody recovers and goes through with the New Year celebration.

new year at the white house

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