Posted - November 26, 2017

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All-Star Squadron No. 10
If An Eye Offend Thee

All-Star Squadron No. 10

Hawkman does what I would do if I were Hawkman - just go around flying.

hawkman flying

Nearby, a flight of B-17s is passing by and inside one of them is Ted Knight: Starman.

ted knight inside a b-17

Suddenly, a UFO appears.

a ufo

A beam from the UFO kills the engines of one of the B-17s.

a ufo shuts down a b-17

Leaving the plane to his co-pilot, Ted decides that Starman is needed.

ted knight changes into starman

This is why I think enlisting was the wrong move for the JSA - when things get crazy they'll go into costume anyway because they are more powerful that way.

Starman slows the plane's descent long enough for the crew to restart the engines.

starman aids a stricken b-17

Carter approaches the UFO. Someone falls out of it, Hawkman catches that someone. This person will later be found to be dead.

hawkman catches a falling body

Just as Hawkman and Starman are about to pursue the ship, they are hit by a beam and their power to fly is temporarily neutralized.

hawkman and starman loses flight

Shining Knight, Johnny Quick, and Hawkgirl are in Washington D.C..

shining knight, johnny quick, and hawkgirl in washington

I agree with Johnny, that new Hawkgirl mask beats the old 'shrieking hawk' motif. The trio comes across a fallen soldier.

a fallen sentry

Johnny Quick finds the perpetrators and does well initially.

johnny quick fighting

But Chambers is too cocky and the thugs get the better of him.

johnny quick getting clobbered

He recovers though, and manages to outrace the bomb's triggerman, and throw out the sticks of dynamite before it could blow up under the Washington monument.

johnny quick racing to stop a bomb

Over a remote Pacific island controlled by Americans a dogfight between P-40s and Zero fighters is under way.

zeroes and p-40s in a dogfight

The UFO shows up once again.

a ufo

The mysterious craft uses it's beam to kill the engines of the fighters and the pilots are forced to eject and use their parachutes.

A Japanese pilot makes it to the ground and he encounters Dr. Mid-Nite.

japanese soldier fighting dr. mid-nite

After this disruption the UFO disappears again.

In another side note to history we look in on FDR and Churchill as they decide on the name 'United Nations'.

fdr and churchill talking

We also have a look at cold Crimea, where the Germans and Russians are fighting. The UFO makes an appearance and stops every tank in its tracks.

germans and russians fighting in the crimea

Something different happens here. A German tank fires at the craft and is met with a different beam - one that destroys.

a tank is destroyed by a ufo

Then the UFO goes away and the tank battle continues. Weird.

In Washington the UFO makes another appearance and knocks out Steel and Robotman.

robotman and steel depowered

Robotman is nearly all machine while Steel is powered by micro motors. That's two of the most formidable All-Stars who might not be able to fight this UFO if that's what it comes down to. When the craft leaves, both mechanical heroes recover and rush to the White House with Firebrand.

all-stars rushing to the white house

Here is everybody in front of the White House lawn looking at the object.

ufo atop the white house

Someone is materializing in front of the heroes. The impulsive Johnny Quick makes a move.

johnny quick attacking an alien

Firebrand tries something.

firebrand attacking an alien

It's all so ill-advised, they should find out who it is first.

Well, at least it's a mystery no more. In the middle of World War II, we have an alien invasion!

an alien invader

Now more fact files.

starman fact file

Look at that, Starman's origin was never given. All those years in the 40s he was a true 'mystery man'.

liberty belle fact file

And here I thought Roy Thomas invented Liberty Belle.

atom fact file

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