Posted - November 16, 2017

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Earth 2 No. 1
The Price of Victory

Earth 2 No. 1

This is insane. It's issue no. 1 and we have the death of Superman.

death of superman

The death of Wonder Woman.

death of wonder woman

The death of Batman.

death of batman

The disappearance of Robin and Supergirl.

disappearance of robin and supergirl

Issue no. 1. Okay, that's it folks, thanks for reading the series, it's the first issue and we're done.

Let's see: Eight Wonders. Mr. 8 highed off to another dimension in issue 0. The Big Three are dead. Two others missing. That leaves Catwoman - incidentally, wife of Batman and mother of Robin - and the unknown Wonder. No sight or sound of them in this issue though.

The end began with the war.

superman, batman, and wonder woman in battle

The seemingly endless war with Apokolips.

Direct fighting always ended with a stalemate. A new approach was called for. Leave it to Batman to come up with it.

batman talking to superman and wonder woman in the batcave

Just like the Anti-Monitor in Crisis On Infinite Earths who relied on his 'tuning forks', the forces of Apokolips relied on relay towers for their power. Batman noticed that they depended on them, rebuilding them as they were destroyed. But the Dark Knight had invented a virus, once one tower was infected, it would spread to take down all the towers at once. Winning the war.

The plan was simple. Superman and Wonder Woman would mount a defense while Batman infected one of the towers. It was during this defense that Kal-El and Diana met their end. Batman was so close to the goal.

batman under the tower

As the Parademons closed in, Robin, Batman's daughter defended her Dad.

robin protecting batman

Yes, daughter. Robin is Helena Wayne. in another universe she would be known as the Huntress.

Leave it to Batman. Not only did he figure out how to win the war but he also knowingly perished his way.

Regarding the disappearance of Robin and Supergirl. The pair saw something< within a boom tube - the transporters used by the forces of Apokolips. They followed and disappeared into the boom tube. They would reappear in the pages of World's Finest

supergirl sees something inside the boom tube

And that was how the world was saved at the cost of nearly all it's heroes.

Fast forward to five years later.

Jay Garrick is getting dumped by his girlfriend.

jay garrick getting dumped

Cheer up Garrick, she did mention that you had goodbye sex so it's not a total lost.

Much later Jay goes for the consolation of a great view and beer.

jay garrick enjoying the cityscape

That is so true. I've had that experience too. Being treated by my significant other in a way that I would never treat her. Similar sentiments as Jay - even the part of feeling worthless. This panel reminds me of what Picasso said about art: Art is a lie that makes us aware of the truth.

What happens next isn't really a surprise. After all, this is Jay Garrick. But that's for next issue.

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