Posted - November 16, 2017

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Earth 2 No. 2
Age of Wonders

Earth 2 No. 2

We left Jay Garrick last issue pining a breakup. While doing so, a 'falling star' he was about to wish on crash landed near him and suddenly he is confronted by Mercury, Messenger of the Gods.

jay garrick and mercury

What happens next reminds me of the ability of the Green Lantern rings to detect worthy bearers. Mercury too can see the true worth of a person. In spite of the fact that Jay considers himself worthless, Mercury sees otherwise and a transfer of power begins between the dying god and Jay.

transfer of power from mercury to jay garrick

And the newest Wonder is born.

the flash

First use of his power is outrunning a police patrol while Jay figures out just what just happened to him.

flash runs from the police

Jay finds out that if he doesn't want the outfit it disappears and he's back in whatever clothes he was wearing before it appeared. When he wants the outfit it just materializes. Like so.

flash's costume change

He can run up walls.

flash running up walls

He practices parkour and the power enhances that.

flash doing parkour


His first act as a hero is protecting a couple from some Apokolips Rats.

flash saves two people from apokolips rats

Jay really tries out the speed now. I"m loving this Flash

flash runs faster

Then he tries putting on the brakes

flash hits the brakes

Needs some work. Hawkgirl agrees.

flash meets hawkgirl

We leave Flash for now to look in on some other things that are going on in Earth-2. First, the welcome arrival of an outsider.

mr. terrific in earth 2

He has been thrown clear from the main DC universe and his own cancelled New-52 comicbook.

And now a slightly but not entirely hesitant welcome for Terry Sloan (there is something to ruthless practicalism after all). With everyone he double-crossed dead, Mr. Sloan has judged it safe to come out from whatever dimension he hid in.

terry sloan talking to mr. terrific

He quickly identifies Mr. Terrific as a threat, takes control of the T-Spheres and does this.

sloan attacks mr. terrific

Now a quick mention about Alan Scott. Scott is young, rich, and - as the media is quick to make a fuss about - gay. Alan is on a bullet train in Japan and he's about to propose to his boyfriend and this happens.

bullet train explosion

More next issue.

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