Posted - November 16, 2017

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Earth 2 No. 4
A Confluence of Wonders

Earth 2 No. 4

Back in issue 0, among the many soldiers fighting alongside the Wonders was a diminutive sergeant named Al Pratt. It turns out Al's company was caught in a nuclear blast. Somehow Al survived.

finding al pratt

What is interesting to me is all around Al is the imprint of a giant hand. It is never explained, which makes it even more interesting.

Last issue we were shown the 'birth' of Grundy. The monster has wasted no time in going class A insane.

grundy destroying things

Flash and Hawkgirl are in Poland, Grundy is in Washington. No problem for the Flash.

flash and hawkgirl on the move

Green Lantern too is attracted by Grundy's mad rampage. Al Pratt, now codenamed the Atom is also rushing to confront Grundy.

Flash and Hawkgirl are the first to arrive.

flash and hawkgirl fighting grundy

Uh-oh. Grundy can regenerate.

grundy regenerating

As Flash will repeatedly say, the Green Lantern does not mess around.

green lantern punching grundy

Here are the three in action against and around Grundy.

green lantern, flash and hawkgirl fighting grundy

I expected the Atom to become smaller but it's actually the reverse.

giant atom landing in the middle of the battle

Atom pertains to his nuclear origins, not his power. Al Pratt is not aware that Grundy can regenerate, so having landed on the monster Atom mistakenly thinks it's game over.

It is also revealed that Hawkgirl is an escapee from the same government program that runs the Atom. She is on AWOL so . . .

atom enforcing for the government

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