Posted - November 16, 2017

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Earth 2 No. 5
Welcome to the Grey

Earth 2 No. 5

As the White House is besieged by Grundy, we see yet another Wonder working for the government. Here the Sandman rescues the President and one of her guards.

sandman rescuing the president

Too bad for the other Secret Service agent.

We get a look at the World Army Command Center (the one I've been referring to as 'government') and it's current leader, Commander Khan.

the world army headquarters

Back in the warzone it's everyone against the Atom with the Flash being surprisingly effective.

flash vs atom

The hero fight is interrupted with the return of Grundy.

grundy vs atom

Atom goes down and becomes entirely entangled by those rotting vines. The other three attempt to rescuee him by which time Al Pratt has reverted back to his normal size.

atom back to normal size

Just like during the Apokolips War, the conventional 'punch your way to victory' approach doesn't work. It's time for a different plan. Green Lantern comes up with it. He will use his power to commune with the grey force that is powering Grundy. While he is doing so his body will be vulnerable, it must be up to the other three to protect him.

heroes scramble to protect green lantern

As we leave the issue this plan is in danger. Alan Scott may have been ready for a resistance but what the grey does is a seduction.

green lantern in the grey

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