Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 4
Remembrance Day

Fables No. 4

It is Remembrance Day. A day when the Fables remember that they are exiles from their lands, driven off by the heretofore mysterious Adversary.

Thankfully, Beast has returned to human form.

beauty and the beast

I pity Beast, I do. I mean, what if your human looks depended on whether your wife or girlfriend loved you. Holy shit. Admit it, you and I will be be living in the Farm with the non-human Fables. Hahaha.

So they have this lottery, this year the prize is Prince Charming's lands back in the old country. Anyway, Beast is not making it easy for him to remain human. Just keep agreeing with your wife you fool - in your case it's agreeing to remain human.

beauty and the beast

During Remembrance Day they have what they call the 'Sacred Reading'. Let's visit some of the more interesting parts of this reading. Here we are shown the invasion of the Homelands.

invasion ofthe homelands

The Adversary.

the adversary

The remaining resistance in the Homelands.

resistance forces hiding

Our world and why it's safe.

why the our world is safe

On the one hand it's a bit insulting. On the other hand, I wouldn't invade this mess of a world we live in either.

And Remembrance Day is celebrated not just in the Woodlands but everywhere Fables live.

fables celebrating remembrance day

Let's not forget the non-human Fables.

fables celebrating remembrance day

Ah, Pinocchio, one of the greats, wouldn't you say? The 'kid' has a valid complaint.


One of the panels shows the kitchen. No plot movements but it is drawn with such detail and the chitchat is interesting.

busy  kitchen

Oh look, we'll finally know what happened to Rose Red.

bigby talking to snow

And here it is.

rose red rose red

The big red letter question is: Why?

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