Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 3
Blood Tells

Fables No. 3

What a tough job Little Boy Blue and Flycatcher have of recreating the Rose Red crime scene.

bigby talking to the frog prince and little boy blue

Flycatcher seems to relish it though.

flycatcher enthusiastic

On top of the Woodlands apartments is the posh residence of the Fable Mayor-for-Life, King Cole.

house of king cole

Let's see if we can remember. He called for his pipes . . .

king cole's pipes

He called for his bowl . . .

king coles' bowl

Of Crunch Monkey, hahaha.

He called for his fiddlers three . . .

king cole's fiddlers 3

We have a brief yet chilling look at the pre-amnesty Bluebeard.

mad bluebeard

Here's another interesting suspect: The Black Forest Witch.

talking to the black forest witch talking to the black forest witch

Again, this 'Adversary' is mentioned, complete with a rather brutal panel.

monsters in the homelands

As you can read below, King Cole has to consider more than one facet of the murder investigation. We also get an idea of the rather tenuous financial setup of Fabletown.

king cole talking

Bigby brings in a computer system as part of the investigation and reveals something interesting about his relationship to gadgets. Check out that old style CRT.

bigby carrying a computer

Bigby's relationship, or rather, lack of relationship to technology is interesting but unsurprising. As the 'big, bad, wolf' Bigby is practically a nature totem.

Bigby's rather hilarious encounter with Grimble the lobby guard.

bigby waking up grimble

The human form is an illusion (or as the Fables call it, a glamour). Grimble is the infamous troll under the bridge.

Coming to feed the prisoner Jack with some Billy Bee Humburgers - I can't help but think that this is inspired by Jollibee Hamburgers - anyway, Bigby gets a surprise.

bluebeard trying to intimidate jack

Oh look, Bigby has transformed. He's huge.

the big bad wolf

With all that commotion in the dungeon cell, Snow is bringing in some reinforcements.

snow white with her army

The big dude beside her is Grimble in his real form.

Snow reveals she is carrying a storied sword.

snow white and the vorpal sword

Anyway fight averted. Bluebeard gets arrested.

Ladies and gentlemen, Bigby the slavedriver.

bigby talking

Jack's big news: Rose Red is dead.

bigby talking to snow white

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