Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 6
Road Trip

Fables No. 6

Here's a nice summary of the Fables' situation in our world.

writeup about our  world

I like these two panels because they showcase the personalities of both Flycatcher and Jack.

the frog prince and jack of the beanstalk

Both are very likeable characters.

So Flycatcher isn't really a janitor.

flycatcher talking

Rose and Snow are going to the Farm, and Colin, the pig who keeps escaping from the Farm, is returning there with them.

farm truck in the city

I hope that at some point of Fables Colin gets the ability to turn human - he'll be the happiest guy in New York. And the wildest.

Along the way to the Farm the truck overheats and - during the brief lay by - Snow discovers some bullet casings.

snow white picking up bullet casings

This in a place that is supposed to be magically shielded from hunters.

And suddenly - the Farm.

the farm

And these are the inhabitants.

inhabitants of the farm

Back in the Woodlands. I'll never get tired of the inside of Snow's office.

woodlands office

As an extra treat we get to meet some of the office "personnel". Here's Bufkin:


And the Forsworn Knight.

the forsworn knight

Both the Knight and Bufkin have been drinking.

Rushing back to the Farm, we have Snow White, Rose Red, and the Three Little Pigs.

three little pigs

Yup. Like the title says - Fables.

Here's a serious discussion about the Farm.

pig talking

I just finished watching Ken Burn's The West. The 'prison' sentiment is an echo of what the Native Americans were saying about the reservations they were forced to inhabit and were restricted from leaving. Even if you're not going anywhere just the thought that you can't, even when you want to, is a sort of prison. Weird really, I want to see the world but I don't have any money for a plane ticket and accommodations but I don't feel imprisoned. Hmmm, maybe because nothing is restricting me from earning the money needed and going on the trip. But the inhabitants of the Farm and those Indian reservations, they can't go, period, no matter what they do.

Snow and Red are about to get a good night's sleep . . .

snow white and rose red preparing for sleep

. . . when they see something quite terrible from the window.

colin pig beheaded

It's Colin and he's been beheaded. Shit. Suddenly the Farm isn't such a nice place anymore.

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