Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 7
The Guns of Fabletown

Fables No. 7

With Colin's murder, Snow wants Bigby Wolf to come up to the Farm to investigate (yes!), but it looks like he's not allowed.

dun pig talking to snow white

We haven't met Weyland Smith yet but Dun Pig has got a point.

dun pig talking

That's right, why does a white guy, I mean a human, always have to be the leader?

Oh, Lord God, the one who killed Colin is Goldilocks.

goldilocks talking

She's in league with the three bears (of course) and she's one of those people who think they can save the world but can't hold down a job for more than a month.

goldilocks talking

And she's sleeping with the youngest bear. Hahahaha that's so funny.

Reynard the fox pops in.

reynard the fox

'Speciesist?! Oh great, as if 'racist' wasn't enough of a dynamite-in-a-word.

Okay, the Farm inhabitants have an arsenal worthy of a real army. How?

the farm arsenal

Back to the Woodlands and the drunken Fosworn Knight.

the drunken forsworn knight

Looks like what they really want to avoid from the drunken Forsworn Knight is his prophecies.

the forsworn knight prophesying

This is easy: the upcoming rebellion in the Farm.

The next bit hits Boy Blue right on the nose.

the forsworn knight prophesying

So there is a brewing rebellion on the farm and it looks like Rose Red signed up on the side of the rebels.

rose red joins the rebels

The other Farm animals are hunting for Reynard the Fox, someone who didn't side with the rebels.

All the other Farm Fables think this is being done to retake the Homelands but Goldilocks, one of the leaders, has other ideas.

goldilocks talking

Look, characters from the Jungle Book.

shere khan and baghera

Baghera finds his prey.

baghera confronts reynard

'Mommy' indeed. Clever fox.

reynard handles both baghera and shere khan

"The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe"

the old woman who lived in a shoe

Look at the framed sign behind her: "Shoe Sweet Shoe". My question is why aren't they in Fabletown? They won't be noticed in the Mundy world.

Reynard finally clues in Snow on what's going on.

reynard talking

Snow White has been out of the loop while everything has been swirling and coming into fruition around her. It's the risk of leadership. Because of the authority and power given to a leader everybody below her or him is very careful not to get attention. The effect is that, in an organization, the one on top or the people on top are sometimes the last to know about what's going on.

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