Posted - October 31, 2017

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Brightest Day No. 0
Carpe Diem

Brightest Day No. 0

brightest day 00 cover up close

It starts with Boston Brand.

deadman with a sledgehammer

That sledgehammer is for his tombstone. Deadman is no longer dead, so he's making a little correction.

The white power ring he is wearing begins taking him on a tour.

mera in bed

The girl is Mera and I'm calling the panel 'good morning'. The location is the legendary Amnesty Bay.

the lighthouse at amnesty bay

Even with the busted lighthouse the place looks great. Aquaman though, isn't doing too well. He is haunted by his time as a Black Lantern.

arthur curry
black lantern aquaman

It's a deep funk when not even Mera swimming naked can get you out of it.

mera swimming

Next stop for Deadman is Iron Heights Penitentiary - for Captain Boomerang.

Somebody beats Boston Brand to it though.

the flash

Here's a great shot of the Flash phasing to get inside Captain Boomerang's cell

flash vibrating through a door

The conversation between the two is pretty vanilla. Flash telling the Captain to stop being the bad guy and the Boomering telling Flash to push off. Meh.

Next Hawkman and Hawkwoman at the Stonechat Museum. Conversation is more interesting here as Carter and Shiera talk about their past lives.

Here's what happened to them in Bali.

hawkman and hawkwoman's past life in bali

And here's their 'Dungeons and Dragons' phase.

hawkman and hawkwoman in a medieval setting

While all of this is going on, two artifacts start uniting: a crystal given by Star Sapphire and the Claw of Horus.

a star sapphire and the claw of horus unite

The Crystal/Claw combination compels the pair to fly south.

hawkman and hawkwoman flying

And what is in the south? Peru. and in Peru the skeletons of Khufu and Chay-ara.

the skeletons of khufu and chay-ara

The original bodies of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Next stop is Maxwell Lord who seems to be trying to kill himself in an elaborate manner.

maxwell lord out cold

Next is a big jump to Mars where Boston is witness to J'onn J'onzz getting a visit from Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan complete with Oreos and milk.

hal jordan and guy gardner visit j'onn j'onzz

The Martian Manhunter informs the Green Lanterns that he intends to bring Mars back to life (he's virtually a Superman so he can do it). He takes the pair for a tour of the spectacular Martian landscape.

the spectacular martian skyscape

Next we visit Jade, who - like Aquaman - is feeling pangs of guilt for actions done while she was a Black Lantern.

jade feeling guilty

Before we leave Jade we have these curious panels.

something weird is happening to jade

Back to New York right after the funeral of Gehenna Hewitt. This is awkward because Gehenna was killed by Ronnie Raymond as Black Lantern Firestorm and Ronnie is at this event. As expected it doesn't go well between Raymond and Gehenna's boyfriend Jayson Rusch. Unfortunately these two are literally stuck together as Firestorm.


A short visit to Kahndaq and Osiris who bafflingly lifts statues (are they statues?) of his sister Isis and Teth-Adam as he flies off from an adoring crowd.

osiris flying

Then to Arlington, Virginia where we join Hawk and Dove in one of their raids.

hawk and dove on a raid

Last stop is Star City. Boston does not witness anything or meet anybody there, at least not in this issue. We do get a spectacular two-pager of Star City.

star city

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