Posted - November 3, 2017

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Justice League of America (2006) No. 44
Devil in the Details

Justice League of America (2006) No. 44

If you're somehow getting dizzy anticipating a huge cast of characters, the JLA in this issue is a compact four-person team.

batman, donna troy, congo bill, and starman

Donna Troy, Batman, Congo Bill, and Starman.

If this small team size is an equally small disaster for you, hold on, this issue also visits the JSA.

It all starts with a beautifully rendered training exercise done in X-Men 'Danger Room' style.

jla training session

The training is interrupted by a glowing green rock that hits the side of the JLA satellite.

mysterious green rock

After it ricochets off the satellite the green meteorite makes a fiery landing in Germany with the JLA following.

fiery meteor crash in germany

The German Elite Guard arrive before the heroes do.

the german elite guard

Which is unfortunate because the green rock is being contested by the Demon of Rhymes, Etrigan.


Although Etrigan's Hellfire puts them out of commission, the Guard's armor are enough to protect them. More importantly, here comes the cavalry.

batman, donna troy, congo bill, and starman fighting etrigan

It's a hard fight but Etrigan is finally subdued.

etrigan subdued

At which point the Demon goes back to Hell and switches places with his accursed 'twin' Jason Blood. For more of Blood and Etrigan you might want to check out Demon Knights.

So what is in the green meteor?


The last time we saw Jade she was off in space with the Green Lantarns. How did she wind up inside this rock?

I did mention the JSA didn't I? They take up a few pages centered around the ailing Alan Scott (incidentally, Jade's father).

alan scott is sickbay surrounded by the jsa

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