Posted - December 16, 2017

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Promethea No. 1
The Radiant Heavenly City

Promethea No. 1

Here is a scene from Egypt when a young Christian religion was aggressively rooting out other, older, religions.

christians confronting a pagan

The white-haired man has my admiration. He knew they were going to kill him but he calmly told his daughter to run and faced his killers. That said, isn't he a bit too old to have such a young daughter? I know what he's going to say: aphrodisiacs, my son.

writing in heiroglyphics

But it's more than that. Look at the top panel above. He's continuing to do his work in spite of an imminent threat. Lesser men would allow themselves to be flustered and disrupted, unable to go on with their day-to-day. Not this guy. Also, notice the statues of the gods on the writing table?

This man, who is carrying the caduceus - an ancient symbol for medicine adopted by our own times - is killed, but not before he spooks the hell out of the Christians by repeating what they were going to say before they say it.

old mystic being killed by religious fanatics

Promethea was published in 1999. But look at this image of 1999 New York within the pages of this comic:

vision of 1999 new york

Obviously, this is not our reality. This 1999 has flying cars and flying saucer police patrols.

The panels below shows two things.

sophie talking

One, some info about Promethea. Two, this futuristic vision missed out on Uber. I think this two would be using Uber instead of a taxi service. What did you say? No internet in 1999? Well that's another thing. I would think that the net would come before flying cars. All in all I'm being a jerk about it, I know. I have hindsight. From this moment forward no more criticism about this futuristic vision - just appreciation.

Ok, the specific occurrences of Promethea throughout history are as follows.

sophie talking to barbara sophie talking to barbara sophie talking to barbara sophie talking to barbara sophie talking to barbara

It's worthwhile to note all these "touchpoints" because the series going forward will visit them all.

And then we meet The Five Swell Guys.

five swell guys talking to sophie

Something is following Sophie.

sophie being stalked by a smee

Then . . .

smee attacks sophie

Jesus, Mom and Buddha, that's a good trio.

Sophie is saved by . . .

promethea saves sophie

The fight is on.

promethea fighting the smee

This Promethea(?) gets wounded.

smee wounds promethea

But she throws the creature she calls a 'Smee' and it is run over.

smee gets run over

Promethea confirmed.

barbara talking

Back in ancient Egypt, the daughter of the man killed by the Christians is found by the gods.

thoth and hermes in front of a child

Hermes and - I don't know the Egyptian one.

And just like that we stumble upon the origin of Promethea.

thoth and hermes talking thoth and hermes talking thoth and hermes talking

This origin is brilliantly elegant. Also, now I know that the Egyptian god is Thoth.

Here is what happened after.

promethea montage

Promethea, dwelling in the world of story, can be channeled by creative types. More than that, she can be recreated in our world - being embodied by different people.

Going back to New York, looks like the Smee is still alive. Sophie gets a strange request from the present Promethea.

barbara talking to sophie

Within her writing is an unflattering opinion of Christianity.

sophie's writing

Check this out "mortals are the sandals that I wear".

sophie's writing

The new Promethea appears just in time to save the old one.

promethea in action

The Smee is obliterated.

promethea destroys the smee

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