Posted - December 16, 2017

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Promethea No. 2
The Judgment of Solomon

Promethea No. 2

Flashes of an alternate 1999.

vision of 1999 new york

Red light district. The Five Swell Guys. Limp band with a brazenly attractive lack of outfit for the guitarist and in the foreground 'Synaptic - Einstein in a Bottle". I want a swig of that.

Promethea takes Barbara to the hospital.

promethea carrying barbara to the hospital

One final warning before Barbara goes to the emergency room.

barbara talking

Some new players are being recruited to go after Promethea.

solomon talking to assassins

Here's another look at Limp.

limp the band

Borgia's sounds like a happening place.

texture message

We should make it a point to finish the entire course - I have a feeling that the antidote at the end is a must-have.

The transformation to Promethea is undertandably traumatic so Sophie goes to her friend Stacia.

promethea talking to stacia

This very well rendered taxi driver got it right on the nose.

taxi driver talking

Taxi driver has a dark secret.


One of the assassins, Andras, causes the taxi driver to shoot himself. Assassin just did a good deed.

Meanwhile, Stacia's solution to Sophie's 'Promethea problem' is to invite her to the concert.

demons talking to taxi driver

A Caduceus is a short staff entwined by serpents and surmounted by wings. Because of the staff's association with Hermes it is associated with areas of human life that have traditionally been the province of Mercury: death rituals, commerce, animal husbandry, gambling, stealing. Interestingly, it is said that the touch of the caduceus grants a peaceful, gentle death. The touch of it to the dead brings them back to life. It remains to be seen if it will have this function as Promethea wields it.

Promethea can see Andras' and Marchosias' real forms.


Look how a big deal that Caduceus is.

demons talking

Fight's on.

promethea gets hit

Promethea uses the Caduceus.

promethea fights back

She gives a pretty impressive introduction.

promethea talking

And just like that, it's game over for the would-be assassins.

demons flee

I love this exchange between Stacia and Sophie/Promethea.

promethea talking to sophie

Andras and Marchosias have opened "a door" and this is what it looks like.

dimension door

Oh no, Stacia gets sucked in to that door or gate or whatever it is.

sophie gets lost in the dimension gate

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