Posted - December 16, 2017

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Promethea No. 3
Misty Magic Land

Promethea No. 3

Promethea makes her usual grand entrance.


She gets an opportunity to talk to the stricken Barbara and we find out where Stacia is.

sophie talks to barbara

Immateria's other name is Misty Magic Land.

I love this explanation between physical magic and imagination.

barbara talking

Imagination is both transportive and transformative. And just like that, Promethea is in Immateria.


Sophie meets Red Riding Hood.

red riding hood

Red is a smoker, and on top of that, she just called Promethea a stupid bitch. Is it also safe to conclude that she lets the wolf hump her in the forest? Kidding.

Speaking of the wolf.

t the big bad wolf

Reservior Dogs remember that movie?

sophie talking

Since this is a fairy tale world the Wolf doesn't bite - he blows.

wolf puffing

Big deal, everybody just gets rolled around a bit. After some looking Sophie finally finds Stacia.


Hmmm, how to explain this:

promethea punching weeping gorilla

The gorilla is a modern-day fictional character called Weeping Gorilla. He's the symbolic embodiment of depression and self-pity and he's affected Stacia and he's beginning to affect Sophie. Promethea's punch can be taken as a symbolic blow against depression and negative thinking.

Promethea explains the Misty Magic Land to Stacia.

promethea talking

The big, bad wolf nabs Stacia.

big bad wolf captures stacia

Promethea manages to free Stacia so that they can make a run for it. I love what she has to say about the wolf.

promethea talking

The girls manage to imagine their way back into New York.

promethea and stacia head for new york

And with some effort Sophie manages to imagine her way back into herself.

stacia holding  sophie

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