Posted - December 16, 2017

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Promethea No. 5
No Man's Land

Promethea No. 5

This is the World War I Promethea.


She comes to aid a wounded soldier.

promethea helping a soldier

Barbara seems to be dying but her concern is for Sophie.

barbara talking

On Barbara's suggestion Sophie imagines herself into Immateria and meets some strange creatures.

sophie in immateria

They're fascinating, they symbolize our state of confusion.

promethea finds sophie in immateria

This is a beautiful explanation of Immateria a.k.a. The Misty Magic Land a.k.a. Imagination.

promethea talking promethea talking

Sophie became somewhat distraught when Jack told her that Promethea would end the world. It isn't so bad after all, quite the opposite. Here is what it means.

promethea talking

If Promethea is so wonderful why is she being hunted? Here's the answer.

promethea talking promethea talking

Moore is defining levels here. First is the Material plane. Then Imagination. Then Emotion. Then, last of the human planes, the Soul. Beyond lies Absolute and Universal forces. Then the realm of Judgment. Then the Realm of Mercy. Margaret actually takes Sophie through these realmns in beautifully illustrated panels like these:

promethea talking

Eventually, in her journey in Immateria. Sophie winds up here:

sophie in front of hy-brasil

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