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Promethea No. 6
Firefight on the Avenue

Promethea No. 6

Explosive opening as we come upon the Five Swell Guys fighting the Painted Doll.

five swell guys fighting the painted doll

The Doll manages to put one of the Swell Guys in the hospital. I love how the nurses are saying something but thinking something else.

nurses talking

Meanwhile, in Immateria, Sophie is in trouble.

sophie running away from lizard men

She gets rescued by the Grace Branagh Promethea who claims to be the Promethean archetype.

promethea fighing lizard men

What a colorful comment and also great foreshadowing.

promethea talking

The double page that the above panel is on is quite striking.

beautiful page art

Here is an illuminating comment about the symbolism of the sword to Grace Branagh.

promethea talking

Promethea tells Sophie about the Usurper.

the usurper

The Usurper, Marto Neptura, ia a pen name used by all the Promethea pulp fiction ghost writers. In Immateria, the realm of the imagination, a writer is an extremely powerful being.

The Branagh Promethea is a the pulp fiction Promethea and she has a lot of criticism about pulp fiction writing.

promethea talking

I happen to love the sensational nature of pulp fiction, but then again I'm a lifelong Robert E. Howard fan. Promethea's right about the heaving bosom though.

promethea talking

In a brilliant turn Promethea actually breaks the third wall and addresses the reader.

promethea talking

I bet the majority of Promethea readers are not adolescents - that's an old trope that would have been true during the 70s.

Wait a minute, no, it's not the reader, she's addressing this guy.

surprised kenneth

Kenneth. The psychic member of the Five Swell Guys.

Back in the 'real world', Sophie is lying in a comatose state.

sophie in a coma

Back in Immateria, Sophie comes to the defense of the Promethea pulp fiction writers.

sophie talking

Since this is the realm of the imagination, Sophie's reductive logic literally divides Marto Neptura.

neptura dividing

Each of the mini me versions of Neptura is symboiic of the writers who comprise the Neptura pseudonym.

Sophie's time with Grace comes to an end but her 'training' continues.

sophie and promethea talking

Before the issue closes we are given a look at trouble headed Sophie's way.

gathering of demons

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