Posted - October 26, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 5
The Gospel According To Lex Luthor

All-Star Superman No. 5

Lex Luthor borrows a page from the Joker's book by looking like this . . .

lex luthor

. . . AFTER he gets sentenced to death in the electric chair.

While awaiting his date with the Grim Reaper, Luthor is in Stryker's Island and today he has a very important guest: ace reporter Clark Kent.

Clark finds Luthor performing minor miracles with jail technology.

lex luthor in jail making things

Not to be outdone, Clark demonstrates to Luthor a patented Clark Kent move.

clark slips on luthors equipment

And just to hammer things in, a follow up move.

more clumsy moves from clark

In the weight room, Luthor reveals his burning jealousy of Superman - although it's not exactly a secret.

luthor raving against superman

He rambles on and on - his Superman obsession taking the form of mania.

luthor showcasing his physique

The animosity has warped his thinking. I mean, Superman's muscles not real?

While Luthor and Clark are talking the Parasite arrives.

the parasite restrained

The parasite absorbs any nearby power source. Since Superman is nearby, this happens.

the parasite unleashed

Clark is in panic mode because he knows the Parasite is leeching power off of him and he also knows that this could blow his secret identity.

But Luthor has no clue.

luthor can't see superman right in front of him

You know why that is? Because of his monomaniac obsession with Superman he is unable to make the simple conclusion that Clark is the cause of the Parasite's power. The secret of Superman is right under Luthor's nose but he is too busy hating.

In the end, the Parasite grows so big the building infratructure cannot support him and he gets trapped under some collapsing masonry.

Luthor shows Clark an escape tunnel under Stryker that looks like a part of Hades, complete with a stand-in for Charon: Nasthalthia.

luthor and clark part ways

The issue concludes with Nasty ferrying Clark out of the prison.

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