Posted - October 25, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 4
The Superman/Olsen War

All-Star Superman No. 4

Jimmy Olsen has just managed to convince Leo Quintum to let him, Jimmy, take his, Quintum's, place - for a day. Mr. Olsen you're multicolored coat is ready and the technological juggernaut it commands is at your beck and call.

jimmy olsen takes over leo quintum for a day

Sometimes you just know that there's going to be "an explosion in the laboratory", so to speak.

The lethal combination is Black Kryptonite . . .

black kryptonite

. . . and Superman.

superman affected by black kryptonite

The result . . .

superman goes wild

Superman doing a Hulk.

And not all of Leo Quintum's resources can stop him.

a voyager titan and others attempt to stop superman

The big guy we met during the first issue: a Voyager Titan.

Superman arrives Earthside and goes into a mad rampage prompting Olsen to inject himself with one of Quintum's serums.

jimmy olsen injects himself with a serum

The serum turns Jimmy into a Doomsday monster.

jimmy olsen becomes a monster

As you can see here, Jimmy Doomsday scores a hit.

jimmy olsen hits supermans with eye beams

Superman gives as good as he gets but we never see the ending because the evil Man of Steel suddenly weakens.

jimmy olsen holding a weakened superman

It turns out that the Black Kryptonite radiation has a detrimental effect: It induces evil but it also eventually saps the strength of the recipient.

Superman recovers, the Black Kryptonite is secured and Jimmy Olsen manages to survive his day as Leo Quintum. Not without cost.

jimmy olsen looks at the numbers

In a comic full of fantastic, unbelievable things an unlimited bank account is the most fantastic concept of them all.

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