Posted - October 28, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 8
Us Do Opposite

All-Star Superman No. 8

My head is hurting because I've been reading Bizarro dialogue. Here's an example:

"Me want responsibility, and me am no sick of Superman insults" means "I don't want any responsibility and I'm sick of Superman's insults". After the first ten dialogue balloons I have come to the conclusion that Superman must get out of the Bizarro world as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the best idea that Kal-El can come up with is to build a spaceship. He can't even do that on his own because the red-shifting sun is leaving him increasingly powerless. He has to enlist the denizens of Bizarro world by speaking their reverse meaning language.

bizarro dialogue

The contraption they came up with isn't exactly NASA-level quality.

not the space shuttle

When Bizarro Flash brings a match (a feat considering his top speed is 2 inches per hour) for Zibarro to light the craft with, I'm wondering how this is going to work.

low tech launch

In the end, this is what works: Bizarro Superman, who still has super-strength, throws the craft back out.

bizarro superman throws a spaceship with superman tied to it

Some other things that happened this issue.


the hapless zibarro

It's pretty tragic really. Zibarro was born like us in Bizarro world. When Superman leaves he is left behind. I can't help wondering what will become of him.

Quintum informs Lois of Superman's medical condition.

lois gets the bad news

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