Posted - October 28, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 7
Being Bizarro

All-Star Superman No. 7

The Earth is being attacked by a monstrous entity that has taken the form of a cubed Earth.

alien in the form of a cubed earth

This entity is a living planet and has taken a somewhat Earth-like look in order not to alarm our planet which it probably takes to be sentient also. This entity, in turn, produces entities of its own. Bizarrros. Creatures that have started copying the denizens of earth like so:

bizarro creatures copying humans

The bizarros are pasty looking, unlike the familiar angular glass bizarros. Bizarro Superman though, is still very recognizable.

Bizarro Superman

The giant sentience does have a weakness. Having come from the underverse, the entity and its Bizarro creatures cannot abide our yellow sun. That is why the attack is being done against Earth's nightside. Jimmy Olsen has the smart idea to reflect the sun on the Earth's shadowed side. Superman builds on this by suggesting that the oceans of the cubed Earth should be the 'mirror' for such a reflection. This will entail moving an entire planet. Truly a job for Superman.

Superman hits the cubed planet so hard he decimates a mountain.

superman decimating a mountain

Success! The reflected sun begins destroying the bizarros.

the light of the Sun reflected on the bizarros

Here are some other interesting bits from this issue.

Remember Superman's pet Sun Eater from All-Star Superman No. 2? It's grown too big for the Fortress of Solitude and must be released into space.

superman frees his pet sun eater

It looks like this "baby" Sun Eater has great affection for its keeper. I trust that Superman has taken precaution to ensure that it doesn't eat our Sun.

At the start of the series Superman's overexposure to our yellow sun is beginning to kill him, yes, but it was also mentioned that it also gave him new powers. He tries one of them out.

superman fires lightning bolts

Looks like Superman can now fire lightning bolts.

Not to be outdone, Bizarro Superman demonstrates his power.

bizarro breathes out dragon flame

Since Superman's super-breath produces cold it makes sense that Bizarro Superman's breath produces heat.

During the Bizarro attack we see Perry White giving instruction to Jimmy Olsen.

the staff of the daily planet scrambling for safety

So that watch of Olsen's isn't merely an alarm for Superman - it's a mini computer with access to networks.

Also during the attack Jimmy decides to call Leo Quintum.

leo quintum talking

"I thought I'd had this number changed . . .", this statement speaks volumes. Back in All-Star Superman No. 4 Leo Quintum unwisely ceded his leadership of the P.R.O.J.E.C.T. to Jimmy Olsen for a day. During that day Jimmy spent the entire annual budget. Looks like Leo is still miffed at Jimmy.

After he saves the Earth, Superman -in the Bizarro world - is ready to go back. But . . .

superman unable to fly

As the Bizarro world sinks back down to the underverse our sun red-shifts as it recedes. The suddenly red Sun and the greater gravity of Bizarro world has robbed Superman of the power to fly - trapping him in Bizarro world. Kal handles this with mild alarm. I would be in panic mode at this point. Before anything else can happen Superman encounters a strange figure.


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