Posted - October 28, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 10

All-Star Superman No. 10

Superman is running out of time. Here he is, writing his last will and testament.

superman writes his last will and testament

He's doing it in Kryptonian though. I don't know how practical that is. Do we have any translators for Kryptonian?

There are two big things in this issue and lots of small things. The two big things are Kandor and Earth Q.

Kandor is the Kryptonian City that Brainiac 5 kidpnapped (citynapped?), shrunk, and put under glass.


Superman has been keeping it in the Fortress of Solitude. He claims he's been trying to find a solution to the miniaturization. Personally, I doubt it, I think Supes has been doing other stuff. Anyway, not even Leo Quintum knows the solution but Leo does have a suggestion that the Kandorians accept: out of the bottle and relocation to Mars.

kandor in mars

What does this mean? It means there are many microscopic supermen on Mars. Will they be okay? They will be absolutely ok. They may be tiny but they are, all of them, supermen and women. Ok, now I need DC to do a series on the Kandorians.

A handful of the Kandorians - the Kandor Emergency Corps - literally dive into Superman to see if they can save him. Unfortunately, prognosis: negative.

the kandor emergency corps cannot heal superman

What the microscopic Kandorians can save are a bunch of kids in the hospital ward. Superman physiology they can't handle but human physiology is doable.

Next. Earth Q. Also known as Boring Earth. Yes, Earth Q is us. Our Earth. Earth Lame-o. I don't know what it is doing in these pages. We are shown cameos of our history as civilization progresses. Ho-hum. So what? The only cameo from our Earth worth showing is this.

superman by siegel and shuster

Jerry Siegel's and Joe Shuster's creation of Superman in the 30s. Now that's an event worth noting.

Here are some other noteworthy stuff:

Leo Quintum shrinking into Kandor to talk to them about the Mars option.

leo quintum sinking into kandor

Incidentally, Quintum borrowed the Mars outfit (the Flamebird costume) from Jimmy Olsen.

Superman saving Lois from a giant robot.

superman saves lois from a giant robot

Superman saving a suicidal girl from herself.

superman consoles a suicidal girl

Superman using his x-ray vision to read his own DNA.

superman analyzes his dna


Superman trying to make peace with Lex Luthor, essentially his killer, and getting spat on in return.

luthor has no class

I don't care how much you hate somebody. Do not spit. Ever. It's important to go through life with some level of class for crying out loud. Luthor, you just lost any right to sit down on the table with stylish villains like Victor von Doom and the Kingpin (I can't think of any stylish villians from DC but I know there are many).

This issue is almost a montage but a worthwhile read nonetheless.

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