Posted - October 28, 2017

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All-Star Superman No. 11
Red Sun Day

All-Star Superman No. 11

A living red sun which is also a computer makes its way to Earth summoned by Luthor. Solaris, the Tyrant Sun

solaris the tyrant sun

Superman challenges him by wearing a suit that will protect him from the red rays and bringing an army of his robots.

superman and his robots

Now for the heartbreaking part. During the fight. Superman's pet Sun Eater, remember him? - gets involved. I can't help but think it's because of his loyalty to Superman. Anyway, I thought Solaris was in trouble, after all it is a Sun Eater and Solaris is a sun. But this happens.

solaris kills superman's baby sun eater

Man, I am so sad about this. It's like a faithful dog getting killed. Superman is raging mad.

superman strikes out at solaris

Eventually Solaris is literally brought down to Earth.

solaris falls to earth

The Tyrant Sun explodes one final time and this is what is left after the blast.

superman's red sun suit

Just the suit. So I thought Superman was dead but a few panels later and we have Clark Kent rushing to the Daily Planet.

Then Clark keels over.

clark kent collapses

The story leaves off at this point but my theory is that this Clark is a robot. But then again, that would mean Superman is dead. Oh, I don't know.

So let's leave that for next issue and go check out Luthor. Luthor's time is up and the death by electric chair is about to happen. So the switch is thrown and Luthor is fried.

luthor electrocuted


luthor with the power of superman

Luthor's mad genius has given him the power of Superman - but only for one day.

He goes back to his quite interesting lair.

Unleashes Nasty, and goes out to pick a fight with Superman.

super luthor

So all these interesting plot lines will be wrapped up next issue which is the last issue of All-Star Superman.

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