Posted - November 5, 2017

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New Teen Titans No. 10
Promethium Unbound

New Teen Titans No. 10

Deathstroke, having gotten the plans for Promethium, a self-renewing source of energy, intends to turn those plans to a pile of money by awarding the blueprints to the highest bidder.

We get a glimpse of the Terminator and Wintergreen, his trusted lieutenant, in his home in New York.

penthouse home of wilson slade

We see that Slade surrounds himself with state-of-the-art technology, he makes it a point to thoroughly know his foes. We also learn that Slade may work alone but he isn't alone. He has 'agencies' that help him out (presumably with info and logistics).

We are then shown a mysterious attack on a Navy ship.

navy ship under attack

Looking in on Changeling and Cyborg, Gar continues to be very irritated by suggestions that he take over Dayton Industries. He has done something about it though: hiring Robotman to track down the missing Steve Dayton.

robotman tracking down steve dayton

Gar also shares the reason he is so reluctant to take over.

gar does not want to lead dayton industries

Vic counters that it's a responsibility that he must shoulder even if he doesn't want to. I side with Gar here. If you know you can't handle something and you can avoid it, avoid it. It will spare you a lot of grief down the line.

Last issue we took a look at the link between Dayton Industries, H.I.V.E., and the Titans. Now we take a look at the link between the Titans and the Doom Patrol. In both cases the link is Gar Logan

gar and the doom patrol
gar and the doom patrol

We are then shown a gathering of terrorists in the Middle East. These are Deathstroke's bidders - H.I.V.E. is included in this group.

Next is Deathstroke vs. Starfire.

deathstroke confronts firestar

Although Starfire does get defeated and a tracer/communicator is planted on her, the fight is still a great showcase of Starfire's powers.


starfire tries to hit deathstroke with a starbolt

Diffused starbolt to act as a shield.

starfire blocks bulletfire

And again.

starfire forms a shield to block falling debris

Deathstroke too, shows his toughness . . .

deathstroke taking a starbolt to the chest
deathstroke surviving a starbolt hit

. . . and fighting skills.

deathstroke acrobatic skill

During a regular Titans meeting, the heroes are informed that Slade has kidnapped Sarah Simms and unless the Titans do what Deathstroke wants she's done for. So the next day the Titans show up in the Grand Canyon to be unwilling targets for the Promethium bomb. Deathstroke is out to kill two birds with one stone. He gets to demonstrate the power of the bomb he's peddling and he gets to rid himself of the Titans thus fulfilling his original contract with H.I.V.E.

bomb explosion

But alas, there is no honor among terrorists. When the bidding starts, H.I.V.E. kills all the other bidders.

ruthless hive

Not to be outdone, Terminator kills both H.I.V.E. representatives.

deathstroke pulls the trigger

Deathstroke gets to keep all the bidder's money.

The end.

Not quite.

let's rewind to that bomb dropping on the Titans.

The first thing that happens is Robin and his detective skills. Robin deduces, correctly, that the Promethium plans are incomplete and any bomb constructed from those will be flawed. He further links the attack on the navy ship to Deathstroke. During that attack an atomic bomb went missing. Deathstroke intends to use an A-bomb in place of the Prometheum bomb. With Robin's intel, the Titans get to work when the A-bomb starts dropping.

First, Kid Flash gets to the bomb and uses his vibration powers to make sure it's a dud.

kid flash disarms an a-bomb

Wonder Girl catches the projectile and gets it out of the way.

wonder girl catches an a-bomb

Starfire and Raven emulate the fire and smoke of an A-bomb explosion so that no one is the wiser.

raven and starfire fake a bomb explosion

Then everybody shows up to confront the Terminator.

titans confront deathstroke

The Terminator calls his own mercs so the Titans are busy with the fight, all except Logan who goes after the escaping Deathstroke.

changeling fighting deathstroke

Logan cant handle the Terminator on his own and by the end of the issue Gar is feared dead.

changeling down

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