Posted - November 4, 2017

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New Teen Titans No. 9
Like Puppets On A String

New Teen Titans No. 9

The big prize is a new energy source being developed by Dayton Industries under the auspices of Project Prometheum.

all about prometheum

With the rewards so massive, H.I.V.E. is deeply interested in stealing this technology. They have been trying for quite some time, there latest attempt involves hiring the services of the Puppeteer.

HIVE and the puppeteer

The Puppeteer - who used to be called Puppet Master - is a cross between Marvel's Puppet Master and Marvel's Mad Thinker. Like Puppet Master, the Puppeteer has the ability to take control of his enemies. Unlike the Puppet Master, the Puppeteer does so using his mastery of technology (the Puppet Master uses a strange radioactive clay). Using tech is the same signature as the Thinker - although the Puppeteer is not the same calibre as the Mad Thinker.

All this would have been between Dayton Industries and H.I.V.E. and the Titans would not be involved at all except for the fact that Gar Logan is Steve Dayton's adopted son, whom he has given responsibilities in Dayton industries during his present period of absence. This being so, H.I.V.E. has seen it fit to deal with Gar and his team. The first attempt against the Titans was through Deathstroke. This is the second attempt. Gar is the first target.

no one makes a monkey out of gar

Wisely judging that he needs a topnotch detective, Changeling brings along Robin. The pair goes to Puppeteers old house and barely make it out before the place explodes.

close call for robin and changeling

The Puppeteer is about to get deadlier when Vic Stone is attacked and controlled.

cyborg attacked

Cyborg is with Raven at the time. He uproots a tree and strikes out at her but Raven manages to teleport out of the way.

raven teleports as cyborg attacks

Raven, in her soul form, enlists the aid of Kid Flash.

raven calls kid flash into action

Raven also calls both Wonder Girl and Starfire.

Unfortunately, all three will also fall under the control of the Puppeteer. Things look dire as these are most of the members of the Teen Titans - and some of the most powerful members too.

Pretty soon both Robin and Changeling are being hunted down. As you can see, batarangs don't do much good against Starfire.

robin hits starfire with a batarang

Robin tries to subdue Vic.

robin vs cyborg

No go. But Robins ability as an acrobat gets him out of harms way.

Where is Changeling? Why is Robin doing all the fighting? Oh, here he is.

gar vs koriand'r

It is Kid Flash that is the key here as his speed frees him from the Puppeteer's control.

kid flash frees himself

Wally frees Koriand'r too.

I like Robin's solution to finally stopping Cyborg.

robin beats cyborg

A kick in the nuts.

For Donna Troy Raven uses her soul self.

raven frees wondergirl

With the team complete they track down the Puppeteer in his lair. What commences next is Teen Titans vs. Toys R Us.

titans fight deadly toys

The Puppeteer escapes the Titans but he doesn't go very far.

HIVE assassinates puppeteer

So who's the big winner? This guy.

deathstroke has the prometheum plans

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