Posted - November 5, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 1/2
Burial Service

Ultimate X-Men No. 1/2

Cyclops, Colossus and Iceman have been ordered by Professor X to find Pietro and Wanda Maximoff and extend to them an invitation to join the X-Men. They do find them, but Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are in a firefight with the Marines.

scarlet witch and quicksiler fighting the marines

The X-Men move to stop the fight. Iceman's power ends up wounding Quicksilver.

iceman wounds quicksilver

The moment Cyclops talks to Scarlet Witch Quicksilver does something that I judge to be an overreaction.

quicksilver hits cyclops

I keep telling myself it's because Pietro is pissed with getting wounded by Iceman but really, Quicksilver is the most arrogantly bad tempered Marvel character save Namor.

Colossus comes into the picture and I would think it's game over but Wanda turns Peter human.

scarlet witch hexes peter to turn human

The poor guy gets a super-speed beating from Pietro.

Wanda handles Iceman too.

scarlet witch hexes iceman

The pair reveal why they're in a tangle with the Marines. They have come to retrieve the body of the fallen Magneto, their father, from the military. When they do open the truck they only find his helmet.

magneto's helmet

It's foolish for the Marines to spend all this time and manpower for just Magneto's helmet.

At long last. The panel I've been waiting for.

cyclops hits quicksilver

Thank you Cyclops.

In spite of the misgivings of his companions, Cyclops still extends the Professors invite. It is rejected.

When they are alone Quicksilver gives vent to his rather unusual fondness for his sister.

quicksilver loves scarlet witch

He must have been really pissed when Wanda did this a while back.

scarlet witch kisses cyclops

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