Posted - November 7, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 2
The Enemy Within

Ultimate X-Men No. 1

During a time before the Sentinels, mutants were not considered a dangerous offshoot of humanity to be eradicated; they were considered a dangerous offshoot of humanity to be exploited. This was a time when the military "created" Wolverine by melding an adamantium skeleton and claws to his awesome healing factor. They trained Wolverine to be a killer. It is still not known how Wolverine came to meet Magneto although it is not hard to surmise that a mutant so abused would naturally ally himself with a mutant who despises Homo Sapiens.

From last issue we know that Magneto has ordered Wolverine to kill Charles Xavier. The choice of a assassin is not only because Wolverine is an accomplished killer but because Wolverine, apparently, has the ability to shield his mind from Xavier.

Shortly after arriving at the airport to fulfill his assignment, Wolverine is gunned down and recaptured by the military

wolverine is captured by the military

While in military custody, the soldiers, knowing that Logan's healing factor make him impossible to kill, use him as a target for live ammunition. It gives us an idea of the level of cruelty Logan had to endure while being transformed into a living weapon.

wolverine is being mistreated

Fortunately, Professor X has detected Wolverine's presence and has sent the X-Men to rescue him. As the X-Men arrive at the military base we have this wonderful two-page spread.

the x-men

As expected, the X-Men have no problems handling the military. What irks me is this.

wolverine almost gets his revenge

The guy under the claws, he's the commanding officer who has encouraged his men to use Wolverine for target practice. But guess what, Jean Grey, Ms. Goody Two-Shoes, does not allow Wolverine to give this guy what he deserves. I don't get it. All the other bullies are dead but the head bully gets to live? Just wrong.

As the issue comes to a close, Magneto reveals that it was he that tipped the military off to Wolverine's presence. Magneto was banking on Xavier doing exactly what he did. Now, Magneto's assassin, Wolverine, will be embedded right beside the man he was tasked to kill.

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