Posted - November 8, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 3

Ultimate X-Men No. 3

The familiar Danger Room has somewhat devolved into a virtual reality headset. Here being used by the newest X-Man, Wolverine.

wolverine in the danger room

Soon, news reachs the Mansion of Magneto's latest move: kidnapping the presidential daughter to force the government to stop killing mutants. I have a feeling that if I'm ever going to be a mutant I'd be part of Magneto's troupe because I happen to agree with Ororo's sentiments as expressed below.

storm talking

But Ororo is in the minority so off go the X-Men on a rescue mission.

Look at this

the x-men's b2 bomber

The SR71 of the X-Men has become a B2 bomber. Part of me is disappointed, the other part is thinking 'B2 Bomber wow'.

Last time we took a look at Magneto's team we saw Quicksilver and his sister the Scalet Witch, Toad and Wolverine. Now we see other members of the roster.

magneto's team

The Blob, and, across from him, Mastermind.

As the X-Men attack, everything begins to shake (courtesy of Colossus) and we get this funny panel.

quicksilver makes a funny

A secondary assault by the Beast allows the X-Men to nab the girl. Cyclops is in a car and rushing her to safety. Unfortunately, no matter how fast a car is it can be outrun by Quicksilver.

quicksilver taunts cyclops

Cyclops is quick to respond.

cyclops blasts quicksilver

It's the second time I've seen Cyclops hit Quicksilver with his optic blast and it doesn't get old. Does Pietro have to be a jerk 24/7?

Quicksilver resumes the chase but is halted by:

wolverine confronts quicksilver

Wolverine roughs up Quicksilver but I'm thinking this is just for show. Not saying that Logan didn't enjoy it, but the primary purpose is to keep up a front till he has a chance to complete his mission.

Cyclops and the presidential daughter make it safely to the B2 but most of the team is still on the ground. When Magneto arrives, the X-Men make a wise decision and start a retreat. Unfortunately, one X-Man is down so the team cannot leave just yet.

the beast is down

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