Posted - November 11, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 6

Ultimate X-Men No. 6

Wolverine comes clean about being sent to assassinate Professor X. Jean Grey is less than pleased.

jean grey hits wolverine

It's an ugly turn but a necessary one. I think Wolverine made the right choice in terms of just straight-up confessing. No sugar coating, just the plain truth. That's the way to do it.

As this is going on, Cyclops, returning to the X-Men fold, has just informed Professor X that Magneto is on his way to attack Washington with an army of reprogrammed Sentinels.

magneto with the sentinels

The attack commences.

sentinels attack washington dc

Each of the X-Men get to show what they can do. First up: Colossus.

colossus fighting sentinels

Jean Grey - I don't think she's called 'Marvel Girl' in Ultimates

jean grey fighting sentinels


storm's lightning

We can't see her because she is wisely doing this ball lightning attack from a safe distance.

The Beast

the beast in rescue mode

Hank doesn't have the power set to directly attack a Sentinel so he makes himself useful by doing rescue work.


iceman fighting sentinels iceman fighting sentinels

Magneto has just stripped the President naked and is about to kill him.

the president subdued

The President is saved by Charles Xavier but damage has been done. Presidents do real work but they are also highly symbolic. Their image is extremely important. This President has been seen naked and defensless in front of an enemy. Politically, this is a death blow. Damage has been done.

With that protective helmet of his, Magneto negates Xavier's power. The fight is lopsided and Xavier is in a very bad position.

xavier defeated

A while back Wolverine declared that he wants to stand with the X-Men. Now he proves it.

wolverine attacks magneto

Not even Wolverine can so easily kill the Master of Magnetism though.

magneto counters wolverine's attack

Magneto's next move is a lethal one. He intends to use his powers to activate and launch the United State's nuclear arsenal. fortunately he never gets the chance because of this:

quicksilver removes magneto's helmet

For some reason Magneto is a father who has never shown respect to his son, Quicksilver. This must be why Quicksilver grew up to be such a world-class jerk. Anyway, with a little nudging from Cyclops, Quicksilver's resentment at Magneto's attitude has boiled over. Quicksilver did take away that helmet but what really took that helmet off was Magneto's disrespect for his son. The ramifications of that one helmet being removed is a game changer.

professor x attacks magneto

The Professor takes control of Magneto's mind and activates Magneto's power. It causes a huge magnetic explosion that seems to have killed Magneto.

magnetic explosion

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