Posted - November 10, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 5
Killing Fields

Ultimate X-Men No. 5

After the kidnapping of the President's daughter, Magneto and his allies, cross the Atlantic and strike again.

big ben blows up

At first, I was baffled at why these constables were so smug after such an attack.

constables smirking

Soon enough they reveal themselves to be not policemen at all.

mutants revealed

Although not a surprise, it's still a bit weird to see who is leading this attack.


Quicksilver continues to piss me off. It was supposed to be a bloodless attack but Pietro fixed the bomb charges to virtually guarantee civilian casualties.

Last issue we saw Wolverine flirt with Jean and the whole thing ended with a kiss. Looks like matters have gone beyond that.

logan and jean stress busting

With the successful rescue of the Presidential daughter, Professor X's agenda is moving forward. For one thing, the X-Men are now welcome in the White House.

x-men in the white house

Things take on am unexpected turn when the President informs Professor X that the government has located Magneto's base in the Hidden Land and a massive army of Sentinels are sent to exterminate the mutants

sentinels launching

By this time, Cyclops has experienced first hand the sheer ruthlessness of the Brotherhood of Mutants and it does not sit well with Mr. Summers.

The Sentinels arrive in the Hidden Land and mutants start to die.

sentinels attacking

Impressive as the Sentinels are, Magneto is even more so as he uses his power to stop the Sentinal attack. Here he is, holding the Sentinels in a neat little magnetic circle.

magneto controls the sentinels

As if that wasn't amazing enough, Magneto reprograms the Sentinels to attack humans instead of mutants and then he leads them for a counterstrike.

magneto leading the sentinels

I still find myself siding with Magneto but Cyclop's days as part of the Brotherhood of Mutants is short-lived indeed as he makes a decision to become an X-Man once more.

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