Posted - November 11, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 8
First Strike

Ultimate X-Men No. 8

Look at Boris.


Boris is used to being followed. He is used to pushing people around. Boris thinks he owns Piotr Nikolovitch Rasputin. Boris is prepared to kill Peter's family if Colossus doesn't go back and be his - for all intents and purposes - slave.

Boris meet Wolverine.

wolverine talking to boris

And behave yourself. Good boy Boris.

In this universe Hank and Ororo are a thing.

hank and ororo

It's about time we saw McCoy hold something other than a book.

Back in the Mansion, Professor X and Jean are wrestling with a moral issue.

professor x and jean on a telepathic link

The crux of this is the fact that Professor X can pretty much mindwipe anybody - and that 'anybody' would not even know they've been mindwiped. If any power needs to be backed by responsibility and caution it is Charles Xavier's. It is a good sign that he struggles with it and brings Jean into the discussion. The matter is carefully weighed and it is decided to mindwipe Bobby and his girlfriend. This reminds me that on the other side, Magneto's group, we have Mastermind who probably does mindwipes for kicks.

At this point, it is important to note that Wolverine has once again left the mansion in search of Weapon X. Unknown to him, it is Weapon X who has come to the mansion he so recently left behind.

exploding mansion

With Weapon X are mutants that they have weaponized. First: Juggernaut.


I'm sure we'll know more in future issues but I would hazard to guess that the Ultimates Juggernaut is not Charls Xavier's brother and has no ties to the mystical being Cyttorak.

Next: Sabretooth


Nightcrawler we already saw.


And Rogue.


Even Professor X goes down.

professor x

Victory Weapon X.

weapon x victorious

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