Posted - November 11, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 9
No Safe Haven

Ultimate X-Men No. 9

Nick Fury gives his take on James Bond.

He lands in Delhi using parachute shoes. No kidding.

nick fury in parachute shoes

He obliterates his enemies with exploding sunglasses.

nick fury's exploding sunglasses

He has a suit that can pass through walls.

nick fury passing through walls

In spite aff all these, Nick Fury still gets caught.

We drop in on a discusson between General Ross of S.H.I.E.L.D and Colonel Wraith of Weapon X. Not all is well between these two organizations. In fact things are strained. They don't trust each other. Weapon X has just told S.H.I.E.L.D. that they killed Professor X, but they did not.

From last issue, the X-Men have been captured. We look in on them as they are caged together with the other mutant thralls of Weapon X.

Rogue and Juggernaut have a point in saying to the X-Men that if they sided with Magneto they, all of them, would not be prisoners right now.

juggernaut and rogue talking

An argument betweem Juggernaut and Cyclops reveal that Scott thinks they may be right.

juggernaut and cyclops talking

Oh no, in an effort to increase Hank McCoy's powers Weapon X has done a bad thing to the Beast.

here comes the blue beast

So this is how Hank turned blue in the Ultimates universe.

Juggernaut really pushes Cyclops' nose in it.

cyclops being chided by Juggernaut

In order to control them, destructive implants have been literally embedded into the X-Men. Now it is time for their first mission.

They are split into teams. This team goes to look at what Nick Fury was looking at a while back.

some of the x-men for weapon x

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