Posted - November 11, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 10
In The Heart Of Darkness

Ultimate X-Men No. 10

We rejoin the mutants as they do the bidding of Weapon X. They discover a weird mutate amalgam.

x-men confront a mutant mess

And destroy it.

Another team is out to rescue Nick Fury.

nick fury captured

Part of the mission involves Colossus singlehandedly stopping a train.

colossus stops a train

Now here's the heaviest part. Jean Grey is ordered to kill somebody. If she doesn't Weapon X will kill Cyclops.

the terrible choice of jean grey

She does it.

jean grey kills

We've seen Wraith do a lot of brutal things so far but making Jean do this takes the cake.

Back in the cells, the X-Men console themselves with the thought that Wolverine has not been captured and he will get them out. A few moments later . . .

wolverine captured

Oh shit.

Meanwhile, Colonel Wraith is gloating over his secret weapon.

professor x with weapon x

Earth's most powerful telepath is under Weapon X control.

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