Posted - November 11, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 12
End Game

Ultimate X-Men No. 12

As the Brotherhood of Mutants storm Weapon X, out in the woods, it's Wolverine vs. Sabretooth.

wolverine vs sabertooth

It's pretty much back and forth as they slice each other into bloody pieces taking parts of the Finnish forest with them. But in time Wolverine gains the upper hand with this surgical strike.

wolverine hits sabertooth were it really hurts

That has to hurt. Lights out Sabretooth.

Back in the Weapon X base, the Brotherhood attack has killed the power. This means that Professor X can no longer be controlled. This prompts Colonel Wraith to shoot him.

wraith shooting professor x

The Profesor isn't dead though, he's just shot, prompting Doctor Cornelius of Weapon X to try and save the Professor. At the same time Beast is looking for Professor Cornelius, the guy who turned him blue. Hank is out for vengeance.

the blue beast

I prefer the human looking Beast but if this is the direction we're going to take could we at least take off the glasses?

When Hank finds the doctor and he sees Professor X in need of immediate medical attention, he swallows his anger and and ends up helping the doctor save Professor X.

doctor cornelius and hank saving professor x

Why did Cornelius decide to save Charles Xavier? Why did the Beast stop his revenge to do the same? Both are examples that even in the heart of darkness there is some hope.

Weapon X is slowly being defeated. The remaining Weapon X personnel are forced to retreat into a building. Colossus is about to collapse the entire structure on top of their heads.

colossus about to bring down the house

But he can't because Jean Grey is tampering with his mind. She wants to spare those men.

jean grey and colossus talking

I wasn't sure that the cognomen 'Marvel Girl' was in use in the Ultimates universe, turns out it is. Still, Jean deserves another code name, the one I gave her when she stopped Wolverine from killing Colonel Wraith in issue 2: Ms. Goody Two Shoes. Had she allowed that killing, Wraith would not have been able to conduct this mission and the Mansion would still be standing, Jean would not have been forced to kill someone, and Hank would still look human. Yet here she is doing it again.

There are times when the line is crossed and you have to kill your enemies. This is one such point. Jean's attitude of blind mercy is wrong.

I'm pissed but it's about to get worse as Nightcrawler saves Colonel Wraith - Colonel Wraith! - from an exploding chopper.

nightcrawler saving wraith

Kurt reasons that it is to prevent Storm from being a killer. Again, when you kill someone who has harmed you and who can harm you again the word 'killer' loses its bad connotation. Being a killer given that circumstance is the right thing to do. And not killing someone who has, and can, harm you is effectively putting yourself and others in danger - not killing in this case becomes a foolish act.

Blind mercy is wrong and Marvel Girl and Nightcrawler have been remiss in their responsibility as protectors by allowing evil to survive.

in the case of Colonel Wraith. Nick Fury puts down this mad dog.

wraith getting shot

I would have preferred seeing Wraith running through the forest while Wolverine hunted him down and gutted him.

Since we've been witness to acts of foolish mercy, far be it from Professor X to not reveal that he too is a fool.

professor x talking

So Magneto is still alive. I'm happy since I'm with the Brotherhood of Mutants, but looking at it from the Professor's perspective its another maddening and stupid example of self-inflicted pain to keep a known enemy alive.

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