Posted - November 12, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 13
Thief In The Night

Ultimate X-Men No. 13

For the next two issues the focus will be on Gambit.

It is never explained why a family of three would stop by the dockside, why the parents would go out and meet someone. Leaving their child in the car, why they would talk to someone about something and why that someone would shoot them. It is never explained. What is explained is the identity of that 'someone'. He is the notorious gangster Hammerhead, and seeing that the child - now an orphan - is in the car, he goes after her. Hammerhead is a guy who literally uses his head.

hammerhead uses his head

The girl manages to escape, but more on her later. Let's check up on Gambit.

gambit doing street magic

Gambit is doing street magic. It's one of the many things he does to survive. Gambit is homeless. But Gambit, or Remy, is also a hit with the ladies. For example, the shapely girl walking away from him in the panel below has just invited him to her hotel room.

gambit and a girl

Remy will never make that date though, because the newly orphaned little girl shows up. Very innocently asking Remy to use his magic to bring her mother back to life.

a girl makes an appeal to gambit

Homeless as he is, Gambit is one of the good guys. He takes the girl under his wing.

gambit takes a girl under his wing

Now the girl is homeless as well.

living in a subway car

It is a short-lived situation because when Remy wakes up the next day the girl is gone and a note from Hammerhead in it's place.

gambit reads a note

This does not sit well with Gambit.

gambit is furious

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