Posted - November 12, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 14
Wild Card

Ultimate X-Men No. 14

Check out this poker game.

four enforcers playing poker

Pretty dangerous if you ask me. Everybody's drinking and there are firearms everywhere.

Remy crashes this game, looking for the whereabouts of somebody "with a hard head" who happened to have recently murdered two people. The interview, though successful, takes a violent turn and we are witness to the power of Gambit.

the power of gambit

You know what happens when mutant powers are used? Cerebro detects it. Gambit becomes the recepient of an invite from Professor X.

gambit gets invited tothe x-men

He doesn't accept though, at least not at this time. Gambit loves the freedom of his vagabond lifestyle.

One more stop as Gambit continues to stalk Hammerhead. Once again he gets what he wants but once again he has to use his power.

the power of gambit
the power of gambit

The last stop. Gambit finds Hammerhead at last, but . . .

gambit surrounded

No problem.

power of gambit

Here's a clever use of his power. Under the manhole cover . . .

gambit prepares for liftoff

. . . and instant elevator!


Remy's luck runs out when Hammerhead manages to tackle him.

hammerhead tackles gambit

Hammerhead is the poor man's Bulldozer (from the Wrecking Crew), and Bulldozer is the poor man's Juggernaut.

Hammerhead manages to gain the upper hand, giving Gambit a beating but then this happens.

gambit ignites hammerhead's face

Result . . .

death of hammerhead

Looks like Hammerhead - a mainstay in the original Marvel universe - only has a cameo spot in the Ultimates universe.

Remy saves the little girl.

hugs for gambit

He can't or won't take her along so he finds guardians for her.

gambit entrusts the girl to guardians

I don't know about these guardians. Let's assume Gambit knows what he's doing.

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