Posted - November 13, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 16
World Tour Part 1

Ultimate X-Men No. 16

In the mainstream Marvel universe we have David Haller and Kevin MacTaggert, also known as Legion and Proteus respectively. Both are sons of Charles Xavier (taking the surname of their mothers, Moira MacTaggert and Gabrielle Haller, also respectively), and both are mutant psionic powerhouses that are deeply unstable and dangerous.

All in all, this shows that Charles Xavier should never have progeny because (1) he sucks as a Dad, not abusive but an absentee father and (2) his children are mentally imbalanced and immensely powerful.

So here in the Ultimates universe we have David (Xavier or Mactaggert I really don't know), son of Charles Xavier, and he is able to take over people, he hates his father with an uncontrollable rage and, to top things off, David is amoral - killing without any sign of hesitation or remorse.

As this story begins, David is on the loose and has already killed a boatload of people and the cops who have been trying to help him.

David may be a killer, but he's also a lost little boy who feels wronged by his Dad. We can still see it in things like his priority after killing all those people - he wants to eat some Burger King.

Anyway, let's set that aside for a while and take note of the title of this story arc: World Tour. It's actually more of a European tour. In any case let's begin. First stop London:


Note that Big Ben is under repair after the Brotherhood of Mutants destroyed it.

The X-Men are accompanying Professor X on his book tour but they've also been given rather corny do-gooder or bad-guy-busting assignments. Divided into teams and sent out into London. None of the assignments are particularly interesting but one panel does jump at me.

beast and cyclops

Because of Weapon X Henry McCoy doesn't just have unusually big feet; now he's blue and furry. The other X-Men can blend in, no problem, but for the Beast just walking around and blending in is next to impossible. On the plus side this blue form is physically stronger and tougher than the 'human' Beast.

As expected, the X-Men meets with anti-mutant demonstrations. It's too much for Colossus who simply ups and leaves and goes back to Russia.

It is in the middle of all this when Professor Xavier receives the news that David has escaped from Muir Isle.

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