Posted - November 13, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 17
World Tour Part 2

Ultimate X-Men No. 17

With the news that David is loose and must be recaptured, the book tour is disrupted and the X-Men head over to Muir Isle. The Professor never told them about this facility or that he had a son. But more than things left unsaid, the X-Men discover that Profossor X has been lying to them about something.

moira mactaggert talking about x-men finances

So X-Men money is from financing and not the personal money of Professor X. Hmmm, who are these financiers?

And here's a 'new' face: Betsy Braddock, Psylocke.


And how is the relationship between Moira MacTaggert and Charles Xavier?

charles xavier and moira mactaggert

Charles is rich, he's one of the two main leaders of what could be looked at as the Mutant Nation. It's a bit comforting to note that he has an Achilles Heel. and What an Achilles Heel it is: he's a bad husband and an even worse father.

A word about David's power: The moment he takes over a person that person begins to degrade physically. The following scene is ghastly and funny at the same time.

dying for burger king

That's right David, no matter how bad things get, you've got to order the junk food - it's not like it's going to be bad for your health at this point right?

The Professor tracks his son to the Burger King and sends in one of the X-Men to handle him and things get from bad to worse.

david takes over wolverine

Remember David's weakness? Bodies he takes over can degrade? Well, with Wolverine that is a weakness no longer. Wolverine's healing factor is now melded to David's consciousness for a truly deadly combination.

The Beast in action. Go Hank!

the beast in action

Beast is rebuffed, so is Iceman, but it's really hard to shrug off a lightning bolt from Storm.

storm lightning attack

The followup is a mind blast from Betsy Braddock.

psylocke attack

Considering that it is of utmost importance to separate Wolverine from David it is a lucky break that during the battle the David/Logan hybrid is run over by a truck. It works. David is gone and, of course, given a bit of time, Logan simply gets up and walks away from this experience.

Amidst all the chaos, two X-Men are missing: Marvel Girl and Cyclops. They've been tasked to locate and bring back the missing Colossus. They follow him to St. Petersburg.

As a symbol of nerds everywhere, Cyclops really doesn't know how to get a situation going with a girl. It is up to Jean Grey to force the situation.

jean grey tries to get through scott summers

When they finally catch up with Colossus he makes his opinions known.

colossus talking

I totally agree Peter the team you want is the Brotherhood of Mutants. Let's go.

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