Posted - November 13, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 20

Ultimate X-Men No. 20

The X-Men are in New Zealand on a mission.

storm and the x-men in action

In the United States, in light of the recent encounter with David, the Professor decides to shut down the School. The New Zealand mission will be the X-Men's last.

Remember that poison seed that David put into Hank's head? It's taking root.

ororo and hank talking

Hank, Hank, listen to me. You're ugly. That's ok - I'm ugly too. Ororo is hot and she wants you. Maybe she's being mind-controlled, maybe she's not. Who cares. Us ugly guys have got to take advantage of every lucky break because for us they'll be rare. So go see the effing movie.

Here's the thing about the Professor's decision. He talks to Magneto and Magneto convinces him to go on with the X-Men.

magneto and professor x

All well and good except for the fact that Magneto is Xavier's creature. Xavier literally created Erik Lensherr. Given that, what Erik says has no validity because Erik is not Erik Magnus. I think it would have been morally better, certainly more courageous, of the Professor to have killed Magneto in battle. This mindwipe situation smacks of terrible abuse. Of course, I shouldn't be the one to talk. In all honesty, if I had Xavier's power 'terrible abuse' is going to describe my behavior perfectly. Thankfully, I can't mindwipe a flea.


scott summers and jean grey kissing

It only took you forever Scott.

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