Posted - November 13, 2017

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Ultimate X-Men No. 19
World Tour Part 4

Ultimate X-Men No. 19

David, as Betsy, confronts the X-Men. He has already got his father and mother trapped in the background.

david unleashed

I am noticing something though: David has been 'in possession' of Betsy for some time now but Betsy's body has not degraded in any way - the usual after-effect of David's taking over.

Wolverine attempts to ram Betsy with a car but the vehicle is flung off.

Hank too is unsuccessful.

the beast repelled

Not only is Hank rebuffed but David plants a poison seed in his head.

david talking to hank

This will affect Hank long after the battle.

Storm is blocked.

storm attacking david

Cyclops somewhat successful.

cyclops attacking david

Or maybe not, since the only result is that David gets even more pissed.

When Iceman joins the battle he sustains heavy damage and will be hospitalized after this encounter.

iceman rebuffed
iceman rebuffed

With the X-Men unsuccessful, David takes his father around the places the book tour was supposed to go to and starts killing people while Xavier watches helplessly. The casualties run in the thousands.

Betsy Braddock is not entirely lost, she has been fighting for control.

betsy braddock trying to fight off david

She informs Xavier that she can drop David's defenses for a full minute; at which time the Professor must use his power to kill David. But . . .

professor x refusing to kill his son

Moira, David's own mother, is in agreement with this tactic. Surprisingly, so is David. Yes, David. Is he merely chiding his father knowing that he can't do it? I don't think so. I think David is in a lot of personal pain and part of him wants to die, or rather, in this case, wants to be killed. But Xavier won't do it.

Much as I'd like to, I can't blame the Professor. I can never blame a father for not being able to kill his son.

The matter is resolved by Colossus who slams a car on the David/Betsy hybrid.

colossus stops david

Surprisingly, Betsy won't die, she'll wind up in the hospital.

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