Posted - November 14, 2017

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Wonder Woman (2016) No. 1
The Lies Part 1

Wonder Woman (2016) No. 1

Look at this.

wonder woman close up

At long last, Megan Fox as Wonder Woman.

We find Diana in this breathtaking place looking for help.

wonder woman in front of breathtaking scenery

Simply put, she can no longer find her way home to Themyscira, a place she's returned to time and time again. Even bringing friends along on occasion. What possible help this place can have for her we will soon see.

What Diana finds first in this verdant jungle is trouble.

wonder woman under attack

I initially thought these were men with animal headgear, but no, these are men-animal hybrids. As strong as werewolves presumably. This should be right up Wonder Woman's alley although the magic lasso (referred to as the Perfect) would not be my go to response at this point. Give them the old-fashiond fist-with-super-strength to the face Diana. In any case, Wonder Woman, a born warrior, is enjoying herself.

wonder woman fighting

At the end of it all, she finds the person she wants help from.

cheetah and wonder woman

The Cheetah.

Let's put all this in the backburner for now and look in on Steve Trevor; he is currently on a mission and under fire.

steve trevor and company under fire

Give this exchange between Etta Candy, his mission commander, and Steve a read.

etta talking to steve

For those of you who take orders from someone in your line of work isn't this 'just make it happen' directive familiar? I get tense when I'm given this 'just do it within this timeframe' commands. Steve, on the other hand, receives it with a smile.

What's this vehicle?

land rover

Land Rover? Seems too big. Maybe one of the International Harvester 4x4s.

Steve checks out a picture he's carrying.

diana's picture

A mugshot. Now we know how tall Wonder Woman is.

Steve and his team are pursuing a local warlord named Cadulo. They come upon a village that has been victimized by this warlord.

wounded people

More than that.

village elder bewailing the kidnappings

This is exactly the kind of atrocious behavior that deserves some military attention. By the look on Steve's face we sort of know what's he going to do.

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