Posted - November 15, 2017

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Wonder Woman (2016) No. 2
Year One Part 1

Wonder Woman (2016) No. 2

We take a break from the previous storyline to go back the very beginning of the Wonder Woman story. Look how beautiful Themyscira is.


I know that Themyscira is supposed to be an all-women island but I could swear that there are guys in this panel.

close in shot of themyscira

Diana and her Mom.

diana and queen hyppolita

Who's who? They look like sisters.

Diana is just going about her days in Themyscira when suddenly . . .

a giant tree

We are told later on that this 'tree' that suddenly appeared is a Gate and is a sign of something only vaguely referred to at this point in the story. Diana approaches and this happens

diana gets bitten

She becomes sick for a time but recovers - this too is taken for a sign.

Diana is shown The Perfect, a gift from the gods.

the magic lasso

Steve Trevor boards a wonderfully rendered C-130 Hercules.

c-130 hercules

We all know that Steve is fated to have a plane crash on or near Amazon Island or Themyscira. Later on you'll see that this is not the plane that crashed. Artist error or connecting flight to another plane - it's anybodys guess.

Here's the crash.

plane crashes on amazon island

First meeting between Steve and Diana.

steve trevor asks help from diana

No 'hi/hello" at the mall for these two.

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