Posted - April 8, 2018

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Avengers No. 685
No Surrender Part 11

Avengers No. 685

We begin with a beautiful splash page of Proxima Midnight and Black Swan en route to someplace.

proxima midnight and black swan

In the background is the Challenger, boasting about the prowess of his troops. Something which is neither here nor there since it can be taken as a sign of confidence or anxiety.

As for the Grandmaster, well, check out this scene.


It doesn't mean that just because you are a cosmic being, you're daughter is not going to have Daddy issues. And why at this critical juncture? Because it is a critical juncture - children always have 'perfect timing' when throwing out fits like this.

And now we come to a fight between the classic Bruce Banner Hulk and an armored Red Hulk. The green Hulk has always been an icon of ultimate strength in the Marvel Universe and that has not changed.

green hulk punching red hulk

Red Hulk calls on technology and has his moments.

red hulk blasting green hulk

It's not a good sign though, that as Red Hulk presses the advantage, his armor falls around him in pieces.

red hulk punching green hulk

The end of the fight is something I can't quite understand at this point.

bruce banner triumphant

Why did Red Hulk change back to human form? And no, Bruce is NOT going to squeeze.

We're having a mini-World War Hulk sequence in the middle of the Avengers (not a complaint). Next up: Vision.

vision going through the hulk

Before the fight begins Quicksilver rescues Red Hulk.

quicksilver rescues red hulk

The Vision is impressive.

vision fighting the hulk

Until he tries a risky tactic that goes wrong.

hulk destroys vision hulk destroys vision


With Vision down, I keep waiting for Cannonball to take the fight to the Hulk ahd give us some visual eye candy of his excellent power but that never happens. Clearly Sam thinks going up against Banner is suicidal.

Black Swan and Proxima Midnight finally arrive on the scene. They looked gorgeous while traveling and they look gorgeous upon arrival.

black swan and proxima midnight

Battle lines are once again drawn but this does not resolve the main issue for the Grandmaster's team: The Hulk is getting closer to the the Pyramoid. Just as he is about to get his hands on it, this happens.

wonder man and the hulk

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