Posted - January 7, 2018

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Fantastic Four No. 232
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Fantastic Four No. 232

In classic supervillain style, the alchemist Diablo lays plans against the FF.

diablo weaves his spells

In an entertaining twist, Dialo isn't in an ancient castle or remote location. He's in a nondescript apartment somewhere in New York and he has to keep up appearances in front of his landlady.

diablo in disguise talks to his landlady

The first target of Diablo's attack is the Invisible Girl.

invisible girl being attacked by an earth elemental

An earth elemental is sent against Sue Richards who, in her identity as Invisible Girl, is an analog for the classic element of air.

The Invisible Girl has been caught.

invisible girl caught

The Thing, an analog for Earth, is attacked by a water elemental.

thing attacked by a water elemental

By now it's becoming obvious that the logical thing for the FF to do is to switch opponents. But they're located far from each other.

Beautiful shot of the Human Torch.

human torch flying

An air elemental attacks Johnny Storm.

human torch attacked by air elemental

One of Reed Richards' impressive laboratories.

reed in his lab

A fire elemental assaults Mr. Fantastic.

mr. fantastic attacked by fire elemental

Learning that the others are also under attack, Reed manages to escape the fire creature.

read escapes the fire creature

Reed is pursued and he heads over to Central Park with it's water and damp trees and where he fortunately encounters Johnny and the air elemental. Yes, now they can exchange foes.

reed, johnny and two elementals

Surprisingly, the fire elemental avoids conflict with the Human Torch, something about Diablo's directive against fighting their FF equivalents.

fire creature avoids a confrontation

Reed's equivalent is the water creature that attacked Ben so the air elemental has no issues with fighting Reed but the leader of the FF has other ideas.

mister fantastic escapes

Invisible Girl likewise escapes and goes in search of the Thing.

The Thing crashes into a sports store and a helpful attendant uses scuba gear to help him breath. In turn, she is the one who is attacked by the water creature.

the thing uses scuba gear

With only one air tank the Thing heroically gives it up to save the attendant. Thankfully, the Invisible Girl has just arrived.

invisible girl deals with a water creature

With an exchange of foes, both members of the FF handle their opponents.

e elementals are defeated

The earth elemental isn't so easily beaten though.

earth elemental attacks the thing

With the arrival of Mister Fantasic Reed shows his real superpower - his brilliant mind.

reed richards talking to invisible girl

Air elemental contained by Sue.

invisible girl traps an air elemental

Water elemental neutralized by Reed.

mister fantasic electrocutes a water elemental

The Thing converts the earth elemental to mud.

thing douses an earth elemental

Sue Richards compresses the air elemental forcing it to assume liquid form.

invisible woman compresses an air elemental into liquid form

Against the fire elemental the Torch goes nova and consumes the oxygen the fire creature needs to exist.

human torch goes nova

Interestingly, Reeds two suspects for the attack are Diablo and Doc Doom. Doom uses science so much it's easy to forget that he has dual abilities: His inherent ability as a scientist and his mystic heritage from his sorcerous gypsy mother. Reed correctly deduces that Diablo and not Doom is behind this. Now it's just a matter of finding the guy.

And who do Marvel superheroes call when they encounter a mystical or magical situation? Haha.

t the strange one

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