Posted - December 3, 2017

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Fables No. 10
Twilight of the Dogs

Fables No. 10

Snow isn't dead but she wakes up in the hospital six weeks later.

snow white in  a hospital room

Going back a bit. This is the aftermath of Snow's shooting.

snow on the ground after being shot

Goldilocks was not found.

finding goldilocks' rifle

War trials are starting at the Farm.

war trials at the  farm

They're not like our trials which can drag on. They're like this.

war trial

Now for serious malefactors a full-on trial will be held.

war trial

Snow is finally out of the hospital.

snow white in a wheelchair

Or rather, will be out.

Back in the Farm, guilty parties are to be executed.

the pigs being executed

The pigs, no surprise there, remember what they did to Colin? Or rather, what they allowed Goldilocks and the Bears to do.

Rose Red has been found not to be complicit with the rebellion as explained by Bigby.

bigby talking bigby talking

Weyland has been taken off his farm duties.

weyland smith talking to snow white

Arms against the Adversary makes sense and Snow White is a very sensible woman.

snow white talking

The unsurprising explosive meeting between Red and Snow, many months after the shooting, brings up a very important point: Why is Snow still alive?

rose red mad

This is why.

rose red talking

It's not the same way with Rose Red.

rose red talking

Rose wants some equality and she has an idea on how to get it.

rose red talking to snow white

For starters Rose has solved the 'giants' problem by - with their consent - transforming them into the new three little pigs.

three little pigs

The dragon has been transformed to a fire-breathing crow.

fire-breathing  crow

The one thing that nobody's thinking about at this point is that if they ever do invade the Homelands, three giants and a dragon would really come in handy.

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