Posted - February 16, 2018

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Uncanny X-Men No. 164
Binary Star

Uncanny X-Men No. 164

We come across a desperate race in space. The quarry are the X-Men, the hunters, the Brood. The Brood reveal themselves to be organized, yet, within that organization, very brutal.

brood hunters

It must be a side effect of Wolverine's healing factor that he cannot be used as a Brood host.

The situation is that the Brood ships do not have the warp capability of the Shi'ar ship but there is a rather inconvenient condition before the Shi'ar vessel can exploit the warp capability.

space explosion

Wolverine knows that his fellow X-Men are Brood hosts.

wolverine talking

Colossus has other things on his mind.

colossus thinking

In my opinion, to refuse to kill those who are trying to kill you is not noble. It is stupid. Refusing to kill is good, so is showing mercy but one has to have the wisdom to know when a line has been crossed and what was once good becomes foolish.

The Shi'ar ship gets more firepower in the form of Cyclops

cyclops optic blast

This is a problematic panel. The Shi'ar ship created a window of the same material as Scott's glasses, ok so far. But here we have Scott firing through the quartz. Isn't the quartz supposed to stop the force beam? The other possibility is for the window to give Scott a gap - a kind of firing slot, but that would open Scott to the vacuum of space.

Storm's attack reveals that the Brood vessels are actually sentient creatures.

storm lightning

The Shi'ar ship's warp capability has been damaged. Somebody has to go out to effect repairs. It turns out to be the perfect somebody: Kitty Pryde.

kitty phasing

Oh no, Ororo succumbs to yet another case of the stupids.

ororo crying

Meanwhile, something is happening to Carol Danvers.

carol danvers troubled

Carol Danvers turns into Binary.

binary attacking

And, bafflingly, Lilandra launches into warp drive while Kitty is still outside the ship! And then Lilandra begins panicking because Kitty is still outside the ship?!

kitty in space

Back in the X-Mansion we come across Magik in her more innocent days.

illyana talking

Professor X reveals that he is the easiest language learning tool of all time.

professor x talking

Back to the ship, Kitty is alive and Carol is changed.


The ship is still in a bad way, so Binary uses her powers to charge it back up.

binary charging batteries

It turns out that Kitty's recent misadventures were of a very deadly nature but something mysterious is going on.

repair work

On the one hand, Kitty is alright, but on the other hand, why is she alright?

The parade of stupidity continues.

wolverine and cyclops talking

It's like this true story about a judge who was appointed to rule on a heinious crime case and who gave a lenient ruling because, according to him, it was not for him to judge. But you're a judge you effing moron!

Unaware - except for Wolverine, who is keeping it a secret - that they are Brood hosts, the X-Men are experiencing weird situations, like their power suddenly cutting out.

storm talking

Ororo finds out on her own though.

ororo screaming

With that, Wolverine breaks the bad news.

x-men distraught

As the book closes Binary reacts to Wolverine's news with pure rage, inadverdently endangering the others.

binary mad

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