Posted - December 16, 2017

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Promethea No. 10
Sex, Stars, & Serpents

Promethea No. 10

Jack Faust's place . . .

filthy room

Is matched by Jack Faust's bod (but I should talk).

jack faust naked

Okay. Are we ready? No, we are not.

promethea and jack faust

Jack asks for a striptease but he gilds a story around the request. A story about the Sumerian goddess Inanna who stripped herself in order to enter the realm of another goddess Ereshkigal.

inanna and ereshkigal

Then there is a discussion on symbolism. Jack is clearly the teacher here.

taking off sandals

And on and on and on the striptease and the lessons go.

promethea striptease

This panel is funny and informative and really funny.

jack faust staring at promethea

And so it happens.

promethea and jack faust having sex

Now only is it done but it is explained. Quite wonderfully too.

jack faust talking jack faust talking

When Promethea first met Faust he was quite an unsavory character. And he remains so. Unsavory, ugly, in his own words 'old and bald'. All men are like that we're all essentially unsavory. But just like Faust, we are also needed and so a trade of sorts happens. Just like Faust, our ideal attitude to all this should not be to deny who we are but to be honest and accepting about it.

Another position is tried and a reference to what I'm guessing is Tantric sex is made.

promethea embracing jack faust

It all ends quite well for both parties.

sophie and jack faust

Stacia and her comments - absolutely hilarious.

stacia talking

Not one punch thrown but this issue was action packed.

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